1. Carry your plates over to BIO (or upstairs, if you did the lysis in BIO).
  2. In the lysis room (second floor) there is an incubator at the back of the room that your plates with lysis solution and tissue go in.
  3. On top of the incubator there is a binder with a chart that you have to fill out.
  4. DNA will be extracted the day after you put it in the incubator.
  5. You can pick up the DNA after about 2pm the day after you put the lysis plates in BIO, they will be in the fridge on a shelf with your name on it, or if you don’t have a shelf, it will be on someone else’s shelf or on the student shelf. Try not to change the placement of things in the fridge as you look for your DNA.

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The next step is the PCR Procedure.

Updated April 27 2009