Box and plate records

Old box record format, plate record format, and the new box record format

Plate Record or Box Record:

  1. It is now standard to only recieve tissue in Matrix Box format with H12 being the control well, but you may come across the older form as well.
  2. Plate records Media:Plate Record Data Sheet.xls and Box records Media:BOX record data sheet.xls can be found on the Companion CD for submitting Data to Barcode of Life Data System.
  3. These are two separate forms, depending on how the box was filled. Plates are filled H to A, starting in H1, across to A1, and the last sample is A12. Boxes are filled A1 to A12, the last one filled being H12.
  4. Enter the plate name (eg. YIFOA-001, or BOX-3872). Several columns will appear when you click somewhere else on the page. Type in or past in the sample IDs.
  5. One record has to be made for each plate.
  6. If someone has sent a box of tissue they should have sent you a plate record along with it. If they sent a regular excel spreadsheet with the information, you have to make a plate record using that information.
  7. If there are problems with the plate record and it does not work, go to the second floor of BIO and find Alex Borisenko or e-mail him at and he will fix the problem
  8. Make sure that the plate records are correct before putting them on LIMS. If you submit something to LIMS that was incorrect, it can be fixed by sending an e-mail to Riadul Mannan at

Once you have the Plate or Box records filled out properly, you have to do a LIMS Submission.

Next, complete a CCDB request form on The Access System (Dataserv).

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Updated June 25 2009