1. You need to fill out a white and yellow "College of Biological Science - Order Request Form".
  2. Name: your name Ext. 58596 (lab extension)
  3. Approved by: get Bob to sign the form.
  4. Supplier, address and phone number have to be filled out.
  5. Write the quantity and the catalog number (CAT #), and put what it's called in the catalog under description. Write the price per unit if you can find it.
Ship to Department Integrative Biology
Room 1405
Building: Science Complex
Attention: your name
6. When you have filled out the form, go to the third floor, down the blue hallway toward the North side of the building to room 3447 (the mail room) and put the order form in the mail slot of Susan Casey. If you have troubles with this, her office is right beside the mail room in 3448.
7. She will contact you if there are any problems.