Safety information

DO NOT TOUCH DRY ICE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS! Never put dry ice down the sink or it may freeze the pipes. To get rid of dry ice, put it in an open container in a fume hood and wait for it to evaporate. Remember that dry ice is compressed carbon dioxide.

E-mail Kevin in the Mail Room

E-mail the following information to Kevin Ecott at Sender: (your name) Robert Hanner's lab Department: Integrative Biology Ext. 58596 Grant number to charge it to: Weight of contents: Contents: (what is in the box that you're sending) Kind of container: (eg. Styrofoam box inside of a cardboard box) Value: 10$ (If it has to market value and is for research purposes only, put an arbitrary amount of about 10$ or so) Receiver: (who you're sending it to) Receiver's phone number:

Mailing Address To: (the shipping address of the person you're mailing the package to)

Mailing Address From: (you're name) University of Guelph Science Complex/ RM 1454 50 Stone Rd. E Guelph, ON N1G 2W1 Canada

You have to tell him the weight of dry ice in the box, but because we do not have a scale big enough in the lab, bring it to the mail room and he can weigh it there.

Getting Dry Ice

You have to get dry ice from room 1118. To get there, go to the hall way where Chem Stores is and there is a glass door with a sign on it for BIOBAR. Go through the glass door and right across from BIOBAR on the right side is the door to 1118. There is a big blue bin full of dry ice at the back to the right of the room. There is a metal scoop on top that you can use to take dry ice out with. If you need to touch dry ice for any reason, use thick work gloves.

Make sure that the box is well packaged and stable, but not sealed completely as to let the carbon dioxide escape as it sublimates.

Go to the Mail Room

When it is all packaged up, take it to Kevin Ecott in the basement of the University Centre in the mail room. There is no room number, but if you enter the UC through the doors that are near the garden and the pond, and go directly down the stairs the mail room will be the first door on the right hand side. When you get there ask for Kevin and he will take your box, put stickers on it, put the shipping information, and mail it out for you.

Updated September 23 2009