1. Once you are done subsampling into lysis solution, the plate must be entered into LIMS.
  2. Bring the box of tissue as well as the plate with lysis solution in it to the computer with a scanner.
  3. Find LIMS (it is bookmarked on the internet) and go to Stage Selection.
  4. Select Lysis With Plate Transfer (or Lysis in Plate, if lysis solution was added directly to the plate of tissue and nothing was subsampled).
  5. Put a barcode on the lysis plate (these can be found near the computer in the lab, if you cannot find any, see Printing Barcodes for Plates).
  6. Take out your LIMS card and scan your barcode in User Barcode.
  7. The Start Plate is box of tissue. The End Plate is barcode you just put on the plate with lysis solution.
  8. Beside Select Protocol select the type of lysis solution used.
  9. Press Submit.
  10. Nothing should happen. The barcode that was in the start plate and end plate boxes should now be blank, but it will not give you a reassuring message about the information going through.

Updated April 27 2009