1. The website for LIMS is:
  2. Under the heading Submissions you will find Tissue Plate (filled H to A) and Matrix box (filled 1 to 12). Click on which ever one you have.
  3. Click in the box that says Box Barcode. Scan the plate (or box) that you got with tissue in it. If there is a name on the box (eg. CCDB-00186) and no actual barcode, just type in the name there is no need to put an additional barcode on the box.
  4. Submitted by: Find your name. Technician can be left “to be assigned”.
  5. Fill in two control wells (eg. A12 B12).
  6. Select the Storage Medium of the tissue in the plate or box from the pull down menu.
  7. Enter Sample Keywords. These are words that describe the tissue. This could include the name of the collector, the name of the individual working on these samples, the institution storing, the region that these samples are from, etc. These are important because samples can be searched based on keywords.
  8. Go to the plate record (or box record) and select on the lab use only page, and click on Sample ID output for LIMS then right click and select paste in the Box Record box on LIMS.
  9. If you have e-mailed the plate record to yourself, then you may have to go to excel and change the macro security to low, if you find that it will not allow you to use the plate record.
  10. Press Submit.
  11. If you get an error message, try deleting anything that is blank. For example if you have no sample under H04, and yet H04 is in the Box Records box, delete it.
  12. Right after you complete your LIMS Submission, send an e-mail to Constantine, the lab manager at BIO, and ask him when you can go to BIO to lyse your plate, and tell him that you are about to submit it to the access system.

Next, you have to submit the information to the The Access System (Dataserv).

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Updated April 27 2009