1. When you receive FTA cards you have to punch out disks. A 1.2mm hole punch can be borrowed form Nataly at BIO. You have to press the tip of the punch into the circle of paper that appears to have a sample on it and then press the button to release the disk of paper.
  2. Between samples it is important to punch a hole in filter paper.
  3. Wash two disks for one sample at the same time, in the same tube. Once a disk is washed it can be stored in the fridge up to one week before it is used.
  4. Add 200ul FTA buffer (it will probably be found on the counter) to the tube. Mix is occationally and wait 5 min. Discard the liquid. Repeat this step twice for a total of three washes.
  5. Add 200ul TE buffer (it should be found in the fridge) to the tube and let it sit for 5 min. Repeat this step once for a total of two washes.
  6. Use one disk in a 12.5ul PCR reaction. Make sure to add 2ul ddH2O and one disk rather than liquid DNA.

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Updated May 3 2009