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Page for creating a new BOLD project

Page for creating a new BOLD project

  1. Create a new project in BOLD if a project does not exist already. To create a new project, log in and under Project Options click on Create New Project in the left hand column. Note that the person who creates the project becomes the Project Manager. The Project Manager is the only person who can add users.
  2. The Project Title should be meaningful so you remember what it was for later. For example “Fishes of Argentina” or “Market Sharks”. The Project Code is the series of letters that you use to represent the title (try to avoid using the letters D, S, K, W, H, Y, R, or M because when you go to upload your sequences to BOLD, it will be a lot easier if you did not use them). You could use your initials and then a few other letters for the rest of the project title (eg.YIFOA).
  3. Select Cytochrome Oxidase subunit 1 5’ Region for primary marker (unless you used a different marker, but we use COI most of the time). Select users for the project and select the type of access they will have. Save.

Next create a BOLD Specimen Spreadsheet.

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Updated June 25 2009